Rain Maker
In the middle of the African continent, close to the equator, a mountain range rises from the Great Rift Valley with peaks so high they’re permanently covered in snow. The Rwenzori Mountains are made up of some remarkably varied landscapes, fed by year-round rain and glacial melt. From verdant forests to boggy valleys, up to the bare rocks and glaciers of its upper reaches, these slopes consist of five unique overlapping vegetative zones.

At its core, this series is a celebration of the extraordinary beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains, but it also serves to highlight this World Heritage Site’s precarious position in the face of rampant climate change. Forty-three glaciers were recorded in this area when it was first surveyed in 1906, now less than half that number remain. At current rates, they’re expected to disappear completely within a decade. The loss of the glaciers will in turn cause knock-on effects, disrupting all the ecosystems below.