I am an artist from Cape Town, South Africa, and I use photography to explore the tenuous relationship between humans and the world we inhabit. My early work consists of photographic series constructed as typologies. I use this technique to isolate and emphasise specific features of particular landscapes, showcasing some of the idiosyncrasies of our relationship with the environment. I have also introduced computer generated imagery into some of my more recent series to reveal underlying features or dynamics that can’t be illustrated with photography alone. In my current work, I continue to study the interplay between people and places, but my scope is now broader and my approach more figurative.


Lumen Prize 2022 Still Image Award
Life Framer 2018 Series Award

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 - Rain Maker, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, United Kingdom
2019 - Counting the Costs, Gallery Momo, Cape Town, South Africa
2018 - For What It's Worth, Hydra + Fotografia, Mexico City, Mexico
2018 - Dillon Marsh, Gallery Momo, Cape Town, South Africa
2017 - Diamonds Aren't Forever, Gallery Momo, Cape Town, South Africa
2016 - For What It's Worth II, Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa
2014 - For What It's Worth, Brundyn+, Cape Town, South Africa
2012 - Landmarks I, Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
2011 - Lay of the Land, AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 - Close to the Eyes, Close to the Heart, Caring Gallery, Paris
2020 - Either/Or - Those Remote Days, Suning Art Museum, Shanghai
2020 - PhEST, Monopoli, Italy
2020 - Kaunas Photo Star 2020, Kaunas, Lithuania
2020 - Corona Call, CAP 2020, Berlin, Germany
2016 - Africa Reframed, Commerce & Culture, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 - Africa/ Architecture, Culture and Identity, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
2014 - Pangaea: New Art From Africa and Latin America, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
2013 - Present Tense, Next Future, Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France
2013 - POPCAP'13, Piclet.org, Basel, Switzerland, Dublin, Ireland and Lagos, Nigeria
2013 - ExtraOrdinary, Noorderlicht, Drenthe, Netherlands
2012 - Landscape Re-Orientation, David Krut Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
2011 - A Natural Selection: 1991 - 2011, AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa